6 -- Wadley Farms

Location: 35 East 400 North Street, Lindon, UT

Look/Style: Best way for me to describe it would be an Italian/Rustic feel.  There are some big, rustic doors; tall trees; fountains; walkways; vineyard; and more.

Best Time of Year: Late Spring through Fall

Best Time of Day: 1.5 hours before sunset (However, it can be hard to schedule an evening shoot here due to weddings/receptions; so, morning shoots can work).

Info: Scheduling a shoot here can be difficult, it is a very popular event venue in Utah County

Location Fee: If you are having your wedding/reception at Wadley Farms there is no cost to do a shoot there on a different day.  If you don’t have an event scheduled with them the cost is $40 an hour.