Our Story

So... I really hate writing these things.  I'd much rather meet you in person and eat some ice cream.

But I should probably tell you some things about myself.  Here are my loves:

My wife Chelsa (I have to put that, but it's true, she's amazing)

My daughters Kylie and Ellie (they're amazing too, but also quite crazy)

My son Grayson (the baby of the family)

Photography (is it cliche to put it on this list, probably)

Soccer (my first love)

Ice Cream (I do trade work for ice cream; also, if you're one of my students, I give extra credit for ice cream)

Pupusas (if you haven't had any before, we'll go sometime)

Traveling (usually to get pupusas or ice cream)

Most anything outdoors (especially at Island Park, ID)

and did I mention photography?

I moved to Utah from the Las Vegas area 15 years ago to start school.  I earned my BFA in photography and loved it.  I also met my wife here.  She's from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin and Las Vegas don't mix.  So Utah became our home and it has been awesome.  I've had the opportunity and blessing to make photography my profession.  I photograph full time, all the time.  I also teach photography classes at BYU when time permits.  I love teaching almost as much as I enjoy shooting.

My dream job would be to travel with people and photograph them while on their travels.  I think that would be so cool.  So if you are planning a trip to Italy and want to have someone come along and photograph your trip for you I'm good to go.  I'm also up for Iceland, Fiji,... really anywhere.

If you need anything, have any questions, or want to go get some pupusas, just send me an email or give me a call.

God Bless, 

Chris Bunker