1 -- Jolley's Ranch at Hobble Creek Canyon

Location: This park/campground area is located about 1 mile east of Hobble Creek Golf Course in Springville, UT; up Right Fork Hobble Creek Road

Look/Style: Outdoors, Nature, with trees and mountains, there is a white barn as well.  Though this location is technically a park, most of the photographs look like you’re out in nature, not at a park.

Best Time of Year: Late Spring through Fall

Best Time of Day: About 2 hours before sunset

Info: This is a great location, one of my favorites.  It is a fairly well know photography spot for those in the Springville/Mapleton area, but I never see people photographing where I like to photograph.  If you can wait till May to shoot here the trees are starting to show quite a bit of green.  Then it’s great through the summer and into the beginning of fall.

Location Fee: $0